Timber Cruising 

After you are finished at the plot, the HMT-1 will guide your to either the next plot, or back to your vehicle at the of end the day. With the HMT-1 you will be able to bring less into the field, keep your gloves on, and focus more on your surrounding.


You can use the HMT to measure tree height with its camera and built-in clinometer. Simply tilt your head from the base of the tree to the merch height and then to the top the tree, and the HMT-1 will do the calculation for you. No need for an additional piece of gear or doing math in your head.

Remove the need to do your Ins and Outs using a prism by using the HMT-1's camera instead. One less item in the field is one less object to drop or struggle to get out of your vest. 

Begin cruising by bringing only what is necessary into the field with you. The HMT-1, a voice controlled hands-free headset can be used throughout every step of your job. 

Walk into the forest with the HMT-1 as your guide. The headset will provide you with bearing and travel distance on the screen that sits below your eye. By glancing down, view the plot you are moving towards. 

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