Log Scaling

Walk into the yard carrying only what you need, your log rule, spray paint and tags. The HTM-1 will free your hands from any handhelds and paper, allowing you to record all of your measurements with voice technology. 

Start scaling by saying the species, length, diameter, and grade of the log you're measuring. The HMT-1 responds audibly and visually, arranging these numbers into a table (as seen on the right).

This view will be visible at all times, as the HMT-1 comes equipped with a monocle that rests just below your eye, easily visible and completely hands free. It will display the program you are working with, so you can glace down at it at any time to confirm your numbers are correct.

With the HMT-1, you can see all your logs in real time and check your progress. Averages and totals will update as you continue to record. Our software has on the spot editing capabilities accessible through voice command. As this table is being filled out, the HMT-1 will store data in the on-board database automatically, ensuring your data is safe. 

Your day will be more productive with the HMT-1. With VDTS, you can be sure that  the highest level of accuracy is being achieved by removing the chance of written or keystroke errors and having access to real time information. Not only will the HMT-1 listen and record what you say, but it will allow you to keep your gloves on in the winter months and keep you safe with heads-up awareness. 

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