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With the HMT-1, start your day by bringing only your scale rule and marking stick with you to begin grading. With voice recognition technology the HMT-1 will free your hands and eliminate the need to use your handheld or dot tally. Waiting for a break in the boards to punch in your numbers is in the past, as our system can record your information for you as you continue to grade.

While working speak the grade and surface measure of each board, and the HMT-1 will record your information into your database. Not only does the HMT-1 store your information, but it is always visible to you whenever you need to double check or edit your numbers. The device comes equipped with a small screen that rests just below you eye, so you can remain hands free for your entire workday.

Make yourself more efficient, accurate and safe as you are not longer forced to look away from the task at hand. The HMT will assist you in doing your job that much quicker, as you won’t have to switch between holding your marking stick and handheld/dot tally in your hand as your record numbers. Keep yourself hands free and remove human error. 

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