End Tally

See it

Say it

Confirm it

Once you’re done your pack, you can finish it off by requesting the HMT-1 to print your report. With VDTS, you can maintain the highest level of accuracy by removing the chance of written or keystroke errors. Not only will the HMT-1 be efficient, but it will also allow you to keep your gloves on in the winter months, and your eyes on your surroundings. 

Begin tallying by setting a default length for your pack and state your widths for each board as you measure them. The HMT-1 with listen to you, and each board width will be written directly to the onboard database in real time. You won’t have to break the flow of measuring out widths. At the end of a pack you simply close it and start anew. The HMT-1 also comes equipped with a monocle, a small screen that sits directly below your eye. It will display the tallying program that you have open at the time, and allow you to confirm your numbers are correct or edit them if necessary.

With the HMT-1 bring only a measuring rule with you to begin working. VDTS voice recognition technology will free your hands and eliminate the need to use your handheld or dot tally. All you have to do is speak your numbers instead of punching them in, saving you the time is takes to look between your paper/handheld and pack.

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