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After skating competitively, attending York university and Loyalist College I found my way to VDTS. Since then I have enjoyed deciphering what the customer actually wants and needs and how to make that come about. After being with them since 2011, I’ve worked my way up to software development team lead where I have the chance to bring my crazier ideas to reality.


I graduated university with a degree in Computer Science in early 2018 and as of the time of writing this I am 23 years old. Here at VDTS I'm a programmer working on the latest projects for the HMT-1. Ever since I was a kid I've had a great interest in computers and have been writing computer programs for the past decade. Outside of that my biggest interest is in music and over the last year I've been learning how to play the banjo.


I graduated university as a Bachelor of Information Technology with a specialization in game design and entrepreneurship in early 2012 and am currently 29 years old. I am a programmer at VDTS working on some of its latest applications.  When not working I am an avid gamer and enjoyer of movies.  I also enjoy writing and being creative.


In Memoriam December 27, 2019

Tim  was in the industry for over 30 years providing a complete industry specific ERP system. With this experience he had a great grasp of the industry and what people are looking for. Tim was married to Missy and has 3 sons and 4 dogs. Tim had been involved in local politics for over 20 years and President of the local Lutheran church.


This is my first couple of months being with VDTS, as I was hired as a summer student. I’m currently enrolled at George Brown College in Toronto as a student in the Game Art Program (go Huskies!). My hope is to one day be a character animator or work as a concept artist in the entertainment industry. Other than enjoying my time at school, I’m a big fan of birds, easy to care for plants, and sketching in my free time.


My background includes many years experience in robotics and PLC programming. I’ve spent almost 20 years in technical roles in the hardwood industry. Currently I look after the herd of HMT’s for VDTS. I am married to Tina and spend most of my time figuring how to make things better for me and others.


I am the only non-technical person at VDTS.  I enjoy interacting with our employees and our customers.  I’m the go-to person who gets answers and results.  Contact me.  I would love to talk to you!


After 25 years as a GM in the IT sector, I started my own technology consulting firm. An engagement in 2002 introduced me to an enterprising software developer and led to Voice Recognition as an effective tool for many of the processes in the lumber business. I am married to and work and travel with Pat. As one customs official remarked, “it’s a beautiful thing”. We have 2 adult children and I enjoy reading and playing guitar in our local church music ministry.

Voice Directed Tally Systems Inc. 
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